Katherine White

Blake Buchanan with Bahama Bucks

From humble beginnings in a small building to a nationwide multimillion-dollar franchise, Blake Buchanan grew his shaved ice company into what is known as Bahama Bucks today. Blake sits down with Katherine White and Mike Jones to tell his story about how an idea to help pay for college grew to be a successful chain company with over 100 locations. He says that his experience of being an entrepreneur has been unmatched and he attributes that to Lubbock, Texas.

Amy Wood with Flint Avenue Marketing

Flint Avenue Marketing founder Amy Wood shares her experience growing a nationwide company in Lubbock, Texas. For her, she attributes her success in Lubbock to the resources found at Texas Tech University and the networking groups within the community. Communal support is one of the many reasons why she chooses to continue to grow her business in Lubbock.

Local Artist Booga Bradshaw

A local hip-hop artist gives insight on the music scene in the 806. Mike Jones sits down with Booga Bradshaw to discuss the music industry in Lubbock and the resources available for locals to share their talents. In this episode, Booga emphasizes the importance of community support and shares his desire to give back.

Ryan Reber with Lubbock Angel Network

Mike Jones sits down with Ryan Reber of Lubbock Angel Network, a local investment network, that not only provides opportunities to investors that give high reward, but also funding to entrepreneurs. Reber says it takes a village to grow a start-up and discusses the advantages of growing a business in Lubbock, Texas.

Josh Allen with Allen Financial Agency

Local mogul Josh Allen shares his experience opening multiple businesses in Lubbock, Texas. Owner of Allen Financial Agency, West Crust Pizza, Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar and Cantina Laredo, Josh acquired the experience to offer advice on the ins and outs of financial planning and what it takes to run a successful business in Lubbock, Texas. Josh sits down with Katherine White to talk about the resources available to current and aspiring business owners in the “Hub City.”

Anthony Presley with Truno

Anthony Presley, the chief products officer of Truno, a retail technology services company, discusses the advantages to starting a business in Lubbock. Truno is a worldwide company that provides technology services for local grocery stores and restaurants. Anthony is currently looking to build his team and chose Lubbock, Texas to do so.

Andy Timmons, West Texas Winemaker

West Texas winemaker Andy Timmons sits down with Katherine White and talks all things wine. West Texas is the leading producer of wine grapes in Texas thanks to the preferable climate and growing conditions. In this episode of Hub City Spokes, Andy gives listeners the secret to the perfect bottle of wine in Lubbock, Texas.

David Miller with PaveTex

PaveTex, a nationwide engineering firm, recognizes Lubbock’s resilient and diverse economy, the quality of the employee pool, the collaborative spirit and the beauty of the area. In this episode of Hub City Spokes, CEO David Miller explains how the West Texas work ethic has secured the firm’s headquarters in Lubbock. Not to mention how Lubbock’s entrepreneurial community has incredible openness and support. To him, these are just a few of the reasons why PaveTex calls Lubbock home.

Cassie Johnston with Alstrom Angels

Cassie Johnston sits down with Katherine White to share her family’s story with Alstrom Syndrome and how they used their situation to start a non-profit to raise awareness for the rare disease. With her daughter Bryce being diagnosed with Alstrom Disease at three years old, Cassie and her family started fundraising to donate to research for the disease. As the organization grew into the non-profit it is today, the Johnston’s give credit for the successes to the community support. She says they wouldn’t be able to help as many children with the disease without the resources found in Lubbock, Texas.

Todd Knowlton with Smooth Fusion

Todd Knowlton sits down with Mike Jones to talk about the technology industry in Lubbock, Texas and how it affects his company, Smooth Fusion. Smooth Fusion is a custom web and application development company that serves local and national customers. Todd praises the resources available in the “Hub City” to those pursuing a career in the technology industry. He not only is an experienced businessman, he is also a textbook author. Listen to his tactics on maneuvering the ins and outs of Lubbock, Texas.