Micro-Season with LCAF

Lindsey Maestri with LHUCA

As the cornerstone of the Cultural District located in downtown Lubbock, Texas, LHUCA is a catalyst of the arts. A conduit for creativity and meaning, Lubbock artists work, display and teach art through all mediums from sculpture, paints, clay and murals at LHUCA. Lindsey Maestri, executive director of LHUCA, is put on display this week as we talk about all things local art. 

David Cho, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Music Director

Grab a pen and paper, or your conductor’s baton, because David Cho, music director of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, is sharing his best kept symphony secrets on this week’s episode. With years of experience and talent that surpasses all expectations, he shares his insight on why Lubbock, Texas has a promising future on stage.

Lubbock Musician Joy Harris

Lubbock musician Joy Harris shares her sound and talent with us on this week’s episode. From weeknight performances to weekend shows on stage, Lubbock, Texas fosters an environment conducive for local talent like Harris and boasts a plethora of opportunities. Listen in on why she believes Lubbock, Texas the place to be for musicians to thrive. 

Local Muralist Joey Martinez

As visitors drive the streets of Lubbock, Texas, no building looks complete without a mural created by one of the talented local muralists like Joey Martinez. With several works of art on display throughout the city, Martinez shares his experience as a member of Lubbock’s thriving arts community.