Katherine White

Mike Nghiem and Sally Taylor for The Brewery LBK

Lubbock locals are no stranger to the Brewery LBK, and especially the recent addition to the menu: adult popsicles. Mike Nghiem and Sally Taylor share their experience brewing during a pandemic and how an unlikely idea turned into a crowd favorite that altered the future of their business.

Riley Barrett with Caprock Custom Apps

Riley Barrett, Designer and Software Architect of Caprock Custom Apps, talks all things technology and application development on this episode of Hub City Spokes. Because of the limitless advantages to starting a business in the “Hub City”, including the support and mentorship found within the community, Riley believes Lubbock is a great place to launch a business.


Magdalena Rakowska with Envirostatus

Magdalena Rakowska, Founder of Envirostatus, talks about the great advantages of launching business in the Innovation Hub. In this episode, Magdalena emphasizes the importance of community. She attributes her business’ success to the resources and support she found at the Innovation Hub.

John Smothers with Reproductive Solutions, Inc.

John Smothers, President and CEO of Reproductive Solutions, Inc., sits down with Katherine White to share his experience building a research company at the Innovation Hub at Research Park. Smothers credits the success of Reproductive Solutions to the mentors and environment the Hub fosters.

Siva Vinapalli with Nemalife

Katherine White sits down with Siva Vanapalli, a professor of chemical engineering at Texas Tech University and also Co-founder and CEO of Nemalife, a biotech and scientific community dedicated to identifying molecules that promote healthy human life. In this podcast they discuss how the Innovation Hub at Research Park helped launch his company.

Carder Brooks and Cole Seifert with Gap Peptides

On this episode of Hub City Spokes, Katherine White talks with Carder Brooks and Cole Siefert, co-founders of Gap Peptides. The two go in-depth on the advantages of starting a business in Lubbock with the assistance of the Innovation Hub at Research Park.

David Weindorf with Department of Plant & Soil Science

David Weindorf, Associate Vice President in the Office of Research and Innovation and Professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Texas Tech University, discusses soil science in the Texas High Plains with Katherine White on this episode of Hub City Spokes.

Kimberly Gramm and Cara Wells with TTU Innovation Hub and EmGenisys

Recently named the Associate Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Innovation Hub at Research Park, Kimberly Gramm, along with Cara Wells, Founder and CEO of EmGenisys, sit down with Katherine White to discuss the successes they have been apart of within the Hub. Through the opportunities offered at the Hub, researchers and entrepreneurs like Cara have been able to build life-changing companies by taking their research to the industry.

The Hamil Brothers of Hamil Bros Studios

Ross and Jacob Hamil are the bros behind Hamil Bros. Studios, a video production company that makes commercials and promotional content for companies all over the country. Katherine White sits down with the two filmmakers to talk all things video in the “Hub City”. To them, the community support and ability to work with talented individuals is reason enough to set up shop in Lubbock. 

Mike Jones with Primitive Social

Mike Jones is Director of Technology at Primitive Social, a digital marketing agency. Mike sits down with Katherine White to explain his experience working at a start-up company in Lubbock, Texas. Throughout this episode, Mike discusses what he describes as the limitless advantages of starting companies in the “Hub City.”